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Parent Mentoring and Coaching

Babies do not come with an instruction manual, but I can be that for you. Providing you with discreet support in your own home or, as the weeks go by, wherever you'd like to meet. 

I am a  post natal counsellor and can provide individualised care to bring you back to your full self if you are struggling to adjust to parenthood. As a midwife and a mother, I have vast knowledge to guide you through the transition to parenthood.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Getting to know your baby.

The first few weeks and months at home with your newborn should be a joyful and special time, but the reality for many parents is that the mix of the unknowns of caring for a baby coupled with the challenges of recovering after birth can be overwhelming. 

Unfortunately babies do not come with an instruction manual and you may face confusion with all the well-meaning advice from every angle. I can be your baby manual. Providing practical advice and guiding you to find your own answers and solutions for you and your baby as you navigate your roles and you learn how to care for the newest member of your family.

Mother and Baby


The transition to parenthood is profound, as many parents already know. Developmental scientists consider it to be one of the biggest reorganisations in the lifespan. There are changes in the brain, endocrine system, in your behaviour, identity, relationships and more.

A reorganisation like this can take its toll and it is not surprising when mothers and sometimes fathers too, feel emotionally unstable.


It is ok not to be ok!

Post natal depression is fairly common in mothers, but can also be appear in fathers as they adjust to their new lives. It is nothing to be ashamed of and just taking the first step by telling someone you don't feel ok.... is a huge step forwards.

I can support you through these times, provide coping strategies when you feel out of control or anxious, show you how to navigate your way through the emotional ups and downs, ways to accept them and not to fight against them.

I will guide you and/or your partner so you can emerge stronger in mind, body and soul to embrace your new life as a parent.

Image by Prophsee Journals

Birth reflection.

Did your birth go as you planned? Did you or your partner find yourself feeling scared or out of control? Do either of you think back on your birth with sadness, anger or fear?

As a midwife, the care of the mother (and her partner) was always paramount for me, but sometimes things do not go as planned and emergency procedures may be needed or what a midwife or doctor may see as a simple change in the original plan can be a major trauma for the labouring parents. This can cause distress and a feeling of being out of control, which can last much longer than just the labour and delivery. It has been recognised that it can lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

I offer a listening and reflection service for mothers and/or partners. Both can be affected by the birth and it is important to recognise and talk about it.  As a midwife I am aware of the procedures and how distressing they can be. Reflecting on the experience,  understanding what has happened and discovering techniques to put the experience behind you, can lead you through the trauma and prepare you, if decide to have another baby.

I do not have a copy of your delivery record, so I am not able to clarify the reasons for deviation from your birth plan, or why procedures took place.  If I feel it necessary, I can refer you for a full debrief with your hospital care providers. 

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Tragically, sometimes a baby is born asleep.


This is a most awful experience and one which I have sadly witnessed as a midwife.


I have specific training for this and using a combination of counselling, meditation and visualisation, I aim to provide you with the tools you need to move forward and have hope for the future.

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