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As with my services, I am transparent about the costs for my consultations. 

I will always offer a free initial discovery call where we can discuss how I can help you. During this call we can also discuss payment options and plans.

It's important that you're at ease and sure of what to expect. 

Breastfeeding & early infant nutrition.
Tongue Tie and Oral Dysfunction Support


Intial visit: 200 CHF per 1.5 hours

Follow up visits: 140 CHF per hour

Online consults: 110 CHF per hour

Travel in and around Canton Zug: 5 CHF per 5 kms

Things to note:

  • I am a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and my registration number with IBLCE is L22784.

  • I am registered with the Swiss Professional Association of Lactation Consultants: BSS.

  • I am a UK midwife, but I am not registered to practice as a midwife in Switzerland.


  • I have done extra training and have years of experience assessing tongue ties and providing exercises to support oral dysfunction.

  • Some health insurance companies will only cover lactation consultations when done by a nurse, doctor or midwife registered in Switzerland regardless of their lactation knowledge. Please check with your provider.

Parent mentoring & support


Per visit: 140 CHF per hour

Travel in and around Canton Zug: 5 CHF per 5 kms

Things to note:

  • As a midwife I have many years experience supporting parents both during pregnancy and during the post natal period.

  • I have a diploma in perinatal mental health and have worked with many parents who are struggling to find their way and adapt to parenthood.

  • Your  health insurance will not cover the cost of my support as I am not registered here as a midwife or counsellor.

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