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Human Milk

Tailor Made for Tiny Humans

human milk

About Human Milk

Human Milk was founded in 2014 by Claire Tchaikowski and houses our award winning Human Milk Clothing & Accessories brand and global Education Outreach.

Claire became a mother in 2012 and realised that she knew nothing about her own biology.


After 2 decades in the music and modelling industries, where so much focus is on commodifying bodies, it hit her like a ton of bricks as she became one of a vast number of women struggling to get the help they need to ease into motherhood and reach their breastfeeding goals, despite the tireless efforts of volunteers and non-profit organisations.


She also discovered that despite the science of human milk being extraordinary and life-saving, it wasn't being talked about much anywhere. And that seemed to be part of the problem.

It snowballed into an international effort to share that science as far and wide as possible, to change our perception of the value of breastfeeding and motherhood, and of women's bodies. 

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