Who am I

Breastfeeding and Lactation Consultant: Janet Prince

I am a midwife, lactation consultant, post-natal counsellor and hypnobirthing teacher. I’m originally from Liverpool, England and now live in Zug, Switzerland. I am married to Heinz and between us, we have two grown-up sons, two daughters and two amazing grandsons.
I have learnt a lot over the years, as a mother, midwife, lactation consultant, maternal mental health counsellor, business woman and immigrant to a new country. 
I am here to support you, using my wealth of knowledge and experience as you emerge into your new life as a parent and beyond. 

My  Life

As a mum: I have two wonderful grown-up daughters, but I was young and naive when I had them. I suffered a traumatic pregnancy and overcame severe post-natal depression. My girls mean the world to me and I would not change that for anything.

As a midwife: Overcoming a traumatic pregnancy, puerperal psychosis and post-natal depression, I decided to use my experience to help others. I studied hard, with two young children and became a passionate midwife.

As a lactation consultant: Early infant nutrition is a difficult field to navigate and so learning to support mothers with their infant feeding choice, with a focus on breastfeeding and informing parents of the true value of this liquid gold, became an important part of my work.

As a counsellor: I furthered my qualifications with counselling diplomas, focusing on post-natal mental health and bereavement. Having experienced and witnessed such distress, I wanted to find the optimum way to support those struggling to move forward with their lives.

As an Expat: I came here for work and as my girls were in University in England, I moved alone. It was a difficult but fabulous choice and one which I am totally proud of doing and have no regrets. Overcoming language barriers, fitting into a new culture and also finding true love. It was not an easy journey, but one that has helped me to reach my full potential and I love living in this beautiful land.

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